How We Measure Up

Many people feel it makes sense to OWN a boat. But financially? The typical yacht of this caliber will depreciate 50% within 5 years of purchase and then drain over $100,000 + in annual expenses. It is due to these staggering costs that fractional yacht leasing services have become such a popular option for boating enthusiasts.

At LuxeClub, we're happy to be the first company of our kind to provide Lake Michigan luxury yacht leasing for a boat of this caliber. Even though we're the first, we don't rest on our laurels--instead, we routinely re-invest in boat repairs, maintenance, and upgrades in order to ensure that our Lake Michigan yacht leasing service provides excursions that are even more luxurious than the last.

There are many boating enthusiasts who greatly prefer to be fractional owners instead of full owners, because this allows them to avoid the burdensome costs of ownership without having to sacrifice luxury. Why spend millions to purchase a boat and hundreds of thousands to maintain it when you don't have to? LuxeClub takes on the hassles and headaches of ownership so you can stay focused on enjoying the many luxuries the boat has to offer. Each guest is treated to a laundry list of features and services, including immaculate staterooms, dining equipment, flat-screen televisions, full baths and showers, and daily cleaning services. Should you require a service that we don't yet offer, don't hesitate to mention it and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Our luxury yacht leasing opportunity provides all of the bells and whistles of yacht ownership without requiring additional investment on your part. If you have any additional questions for us, please give our team a call at (312) 626-LUXE. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!