Escape to Lake Michigan aboard a gorgeous 56-foot super yacht that's every bit as luxurious as it is immense. LuxeClub Yachting is the only company to offer Lake Michigan yacht fractions for sale on a world-class boat of this caliber, a fact which we take great pride in. It's our chief goal to make yacht shares on Lake Michigan available to those who don't want to spend millions on a boat of their own.

Sail with us on a Lake Michigan yacht share to experience a voyage of the highest quality. You choose the number of adventures you want--we offer packages that include 32, 11, or 5 trips, or just a single outing, and you're free to launch on weekends or weekdays. When we aren't on the water, we spend our time repairing, maintaining, and refurbishing the boat so that every voyage outclasses the one that came before it. If you have any additional questions about our yacht fractions for sale, please reach out to us at (312) 626-LUXE.